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Mike Mc 16 Nov 2018
Jason Barstow was the salesman I worked with. He was very knowledgeable about all the VW's. I bought a Golf TDI. They have great deals on the Certified Pre-Owned VW's. I knew what I wanted going in. Jason took the time to show me some other models just to be sure. He wanted me to be truly pleased my decision. I was. Jason brought me around and introduced me to all the staff and they were genuinely interested in me and my purchase. I'll be doing ongoing business with these folks. The financial guy, Marty was awesome. Everything was explained to me in detail. Volkswagen of Rochester is a family owned business and I'm glad i went in. They gave me a great deal, as I had researched for several hours online. Show more
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1Northeaster 23 Aug 2016
...I will keep it simple. VW of Rochester N.H. is a top notch facility. They are passionate about cars...and are familiar with every brand, not just the brand they sell. In todays automotive world that feature is essential as the selection of autos and options available are vast. I purchased my 2...015 Golf from these folks and my experinces in dealing with them has always been a pleasure. With far more auto purchases under my belt than most (80 and counting) ive dealt with many of NH' s best. Im very pleased i chose to purchase my VW from VW Of Rochester and would recommend them to my closest friends and family. In the matter what vehicle i am looking shopping will begin at VW of Rochester. If they dont have what Im looking sure they can find one for me. They can help you find the perfect car too!...just ask. Show more
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S_Roberge 22 Sep 2014
The service team here always is so pleasant to deal with, quick to explain and always seem to do the right thing by the customer. The people are what keep me happy with Volkswagen as a brand. Absolutely exceptional customer service.
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Steven Molnar-Gabor 26 Oct 2018
Jimmy Breitmaier gave a superior hand to us during the buying process ! He is excellent ! He is very knowledgeable ,friendly but not pushy, he answered to all of our questions ! We have a great car and a nice experience at VW in Rochester, NH.
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Jo Keith 05 Jun 2014
Personally, I very much dislike the process of buying a car. I don't care to barter and it upsets me exponentially the longer it lasts. Well ... these guys made it happen! I got exactly what I was searching for at a very fair price with zero b.s.! On the whole, a rather painless experience, which we... much ap- preciated. Thanks to Gary Bolduc for a job well done. Also, I was very pleased that John Carpenter made that extra effort to notify me that the apparent sale of the vehicle had fallen through. Thanks also to the experienced Jimmy B. & TJ for making it happen. I must also mention the professionalism and efficiency of Bill Leduc & Steve Beranger in the service dept. who always treat the customer with respect and concern. -Best regards, JK Show more
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AJBear 03 Jun 2014
First, I NEVER think to write a review as a consumer, but after several visits to the service center, I felt prompted to provide this testimony. The entire service team at VW of Rochester is there to take care of its customers - from handling a same day repair or two, to helping me map out and prior...itize an action plan since I am fairly low income and cannot take care of all my upkeep and maintenance services in one visit. Upon wrap up of my first service over a year and a half ago, I felt I've finally found someplace that takes care of me, not just my car. Several routine visits later, I can share that I have enough history with them to say my initial feeling has been confirmed over and over again. Many (most?) businesses have mission statements or company goals which put the customer first, and sadly, while that may be the intent, it is trumped by bottom lines, quotas and pressure to meet and exceed financial goals, I don't think this is a secret. While VW of Rochester obviously seeks to thrive as a business, I truly believe they SEEK to thrive by focusing on customer good will and customer retention and loyalty. By doing so, I think they hope customers will highly recommend them, as I do. I'm fairly low income, and at other service centers, I've been very aware that I've been profiled as less an asset - a customer of less value. This was clearly reflected in waiting times, unreturned phone calls, status updates that mirrored the previous status update (as in, they didn't touch my car, almost as if they forgot it was there) and sloppy work (like installing a defective cam shaft sensor, seemingly careless in ordering/receiving a part, but not installing it saying that they were waiting for me to give them the go ahead to install, which I had already done twice). One hand didn't know what the other was doing, and these are large, very busy, very profitable service centers. It's not a good feeling wondering if the techs have tightened one screw while loosening another, noticing new problems immediately after a repair or maintenance service had been done. Yeah, I've been bitter and jaded. I think how confident I am in VW of Rochester, how comfortable I am knowing they will strive to do the right thing even by going an extra mile to find a used part to minimize cost. They've been up front with me in letting me know when I don't NEED to have an issue fixed right NOW, allowing me time to save money. How many times have I asked other service centers "Is this an emergency? How long can I safely wait to get this work done?" and gotten an ambiguous response of "Well... you don't want to wait too long" as if to imply something bad COULD happen at any moment or "I'd get it done within 2 weeks" when I could wait much longer in order to save up money. Same scenario, VW of Rochester has asked me ?well, what kind of driving do you do? If you drive mostly to and from work locally, you?ll be alright for a couple of months, but I wouldn't put it off longer than that?. Honest, knowledgeable, decent. Did I say everyone at VW of Rochester is friendly? No kidding. Even the salesmen who I have no business with greet me. I believe they practice customer loyalty every day, every customer, every time. I believe every employee strives to embody the golden rule of treating other's as they'd want to be treated. I believe I WILL get the right service, reasonably priced, quickly. I know I'm encouraged that, even though my financial circumstances may be somewhat dicey and confining and can limit what they can do, they will do everything possible to make it work. I know I've found the right place for my car (and for me!) and I no longer question what might be happening with my car on the other side of those service doors. I know they will help me navigate my car?s health without taking advantage of me and probably most importantly, I know I'm valued. Show more
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Passat 22 May 2014
No hassle process when buying a VW. Best deal offered up front. Generous trades.
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Andrew Cherouvis 22 Mar 2014
I called Rochester VW, regarding a KIA Optima I saw listed on their web site. I was able to do all of the sales negotiations over the phone and through emails. The sales process was one of the easiest I have gone through, considering this is the 4th car I have purchased this year. John Carpenter our... sales person was excellent. I didn't get the typical sales pitch, very straight forward. The Finance MGR , JT emailed me a finance form which I was able to complete at home. When I arrived at the dealership, I was out of there with my car In about 45 minutes. Our KiA Optima was in great shape, very clean and exactly how John described the car to me. There was a small issue with the rear brakes, R.VW took the car into service and immediately corrected the problem. I am very happy with the sales process and would defiantly recommend them for anyone in the market of a new or used car.I noticed that they have some great cars at excellent prices on the lot. I also spoke to John about a Passat, that I was also able to get a great price and reasonable trade in value for my car. Even the facility is impressive, very modern. Not your typical dealership. Show more
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Sofia 09 Nov 2018
great small dealership, attentive service and no pushy sales. you are heard and respected, your time is appreciated. I worked with Chet, he was great via email communications and in person as well. best overall car buying experience so far!
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Jay's Carpet Cleaning 30 Oct 2013
This is our second time in taking in our car. They went right through her and found the "squeeking" I was talking about. Now our 'sweetie' is safe again with new brakes and swaybar. Everyone was very nice and explained everything in great detail. Thank you so much and we will see you again soon for ...service on the truck! Show more
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